Music Therapy


Music Therapy

Music therapy is an adjunctive therapy that is experiential and active in nature. Music therapy harnesses the power of music to help individuals reach functional goals that may be co-addressed within other therapeutic relationships including psychotherapy. Adolescents and young adults have a special connection to music, and many use music in their own lives to help them cope with challenges and process difficult emotions and experiences. Music therapy with this unique population taps into the importance that music has in teens’ and young adults’ lives and offers a creative way of expressing thoughts, perceptions, and experiences that is often lower pressure than traditional talk therapy.

Music therapy uses evidenced-based interventions to help decrease depression and anxiety symptoms, increase interpersonal skills, facilitate connection to others, promote insight, and more. Music therapy is highly tailored to individuals’ needs, and music therapy sessions and groups may incorporate a variety of interventions including: active music making, songwriting, lyric analysis, improvisation, guided relaxation, and a variety of others. Music therapy can only be administered by board-certified music therapists, and Queen City Counseling & Consulting is proud to have an MT-BC on staff to provide group and individual music therapy services. Click here to learn more about what music therapy is from the American Music Therapy Association. 

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