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Individual Therapy

Individual Therapy

Family Sessions

Family Sessions

Parent Check-In

Parent Check-In

Group Therapy

Group Therapy

Individual Therapy

Our Clinicians take a trauma-informed and strengths-based approach in their individual work and may use a variety of therapeutic models including but not limited to:

Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR)
Trauma Resiliency Model (TRM)
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
Dialectical Behavioral Therapy Skills (DBT)
**We are not a DBT certified program and offer only skills practice**

Our individual sessions last 50 minutes and will be scheduled based upon the treatment plan and schedule discussed in your initial assessment.

Family Sessions

Throughout their clinical experience our therapists have seen benefits from incorporating family sessions into our teens treatment plan. Family sessions are utilized to help adolescents improve their communication with their parents, particularly when addressing uncomfortable and difficult topics. In addition, it helps parents gain insight into their teens thoughts, feelings, and behaviors while therapists assist parents in gaining additional ways to support and encourage their teen. Please note that these are not “family therapy” sessions. Family sessions will be scheduled based on your treatment plan schedule discussed in initial assessment and are 90 minutes long.

Parent Consultation

Our customized parent consultation and support services are designed to provide parents with the tools, support, and understanding they need to successfully navigate through the various levels of the mental health system. These consultation services will be tailored to fit your needs as a parent and will help guide you through the next steps including assistance with locating and securing appointments with therapists and/or psychiatrists that specialize in areas that best meet your child’s needs, guidance and advocacy with IEP/504 plans including attendance to meetings, and parent coaching and support to assist in the development of skills to effectively parent adolescents/young adults through their symptoms. Whether you need a one-time appointment to gain knowledge or education or you need several consultation appointments to secure more individualized treatment plan for your child, we are available to help and have several packages available.

Cost: Pricing varies per client.


Parent Check-In

These short 30 minutes sessions may be scheduled and utilized by parents or the clinician when they feel there are important developments or changes in their teens progress that need to be discussed in more detail than can be done over the phone.

Group Therapy

There is strong supportive evidence from research that shows group therapy can have a significant impact on ones recovery. Group therapy not only allows you to interact with our clinicians but also gain other perspectives and support from your peers. Our clinicians are currently offering the following groups:

Do you have a teen who is stressed? Struggling with the pressures of teen life? Feels anxious, distracted, or overwhelmed?

When inspiring awareness through mindfulness, we transform. Everything changes. Instead of reacting mindlessly or revolting with self-destructive behavior we evolve to respond mindfully. Instead of feeling disconnected or helpless, we find everything we do reflects the connection of our personal lives to all others.

Mindfulness is noticing your thoughts, feelings and physical sensations in the present moment without judgement. The objective of practicing mindfulness is to develop and strengthen one’s ability to pay attention, and to be aware of the consequence of one’s feelings and behavior.

The Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction for Teens (MBSR-T) Program will help teens in 9th-12th grade learn simple yet effective mindfulness practices. Improve Focus, Manage Stress, and Enjoy Life. During the 8-week course, teens will use the techniques of mindfulness to intentionally focus awareness and observations of their own emotions and behaviors from moment to moment. Outside practice will be expected to discuss in sessions.

When: Every Thursday from 6:00—7:30PM beginning February 14th, 2019 and continuing through April 11th, 2019

Cost: $600 A deposit of $300 is required up front and is non-refundable. You may pay the additional cost weekly in 8 equal installments of $37.50 or, if you choose to pay the total cost of the program at once, you will receive a discount equal to one of the weekly sessions for a total cost of $525.
Cost includes: 8 weekly 90 minute sessions, a course manual
** A brief group assessment is required prior to attending this group.


Graduating? Now What?
If you are having anxiety or feeling overwhelmed with SAT’s, school work load, college apps, what career you want to do, living on you own or simply have no idea what you want to do or what comes next then Group For Grads might be for you.

Group for grads is a supportive group for high school Juniors and Seniors getting ready to make the next step whether that is college or the work force. The transition out of high school comes with many fears, doubts, questions, and “what-ifs.” Group for Grads is a safe and supportive environment to explore and process these emotions with peers struggling with the same concerns.

Group for Grads is led by a therapist skilled in helping teens explore automatic negative or anxious thoughts about this transition. You will learn skills to challenge and rationalize your thoughts, calm your anxieties, and work towards feeling more confident about your ability to move forwards. In addition to emotional and cognitive skills, Group for Grads will provide an opportunity to discuss practical situations that may arise in your new environments such as meeting new people, job interviews, and independent living skills and process with both peers and clinicians.

When: Every Monday from 6PM -7PM.

Cost: $50 per group or $175 for four groups paid upfront

You must complete a brief group assessment with a clinician prior to attending.

Group is limited to 10 students per group.

Do you ever feel like you have nobody to talk to about your childs’ mental health? Lost in how to support them or with what comes next? Do you feel as though you are walking on egg shells? Or that you have no idea what the clinicians are talking about? 

Our parent group is designed to help support and provide education for parents around their child’s mental health. During the two hour session our clinicians will address specific topics around adolescent mental health such as self-care and self-blame as a parent, how to support child, learning how to de-escalate crises and help your child use coping skills. On occasion we may have speakers around navigating the school system, medications, and other topics of interest. In addition, you will have the opportunity to meet and talk with parents in similar situations and share what has worked or not worked for you and your family.

When: Every third Saturday from 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM. Meets Monthly

Cost: $30

Please visit our facebook page for upcoming topics and follow up dates.

You must call and reserve a spot with a $15 deposit.

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