About Us 

About Us

Co-owners and therapists Amy Gregor, LCSW and Ashley McGurkin, LCSW saw a growing need for mental health services in the Charlotte area particularly for adolescents and young adults due to todays’ societal pressures, the impact of adverse life events on ones’ daily functioning, and growing awareness of the “#MeToo” and anti-bullying movements. To address this need, Queen City Counseling & Consulting officially opened its doors to the Charlotte community in January 2019. Since opening, Queen City has expanded to five clinicians offering a variety of specialized treatment approaches. Queen City Counseling & Consulting offers individual and group mental health services as well as Charlotte’s only primary mental health adolescent intensive outpatient program (IOP). Clinicians at Queen City are passionate about drawing on teens’ and young adults’ strengths in sessions as well as involving clients’ parents and families to empower and support the adolescents and young adults we treat.


The Cactus: Our Symbol of Resilience

You may notice several Cactus plants and Cactus-related artwork around our office. It has become Queen City Counseling & Consulting’s “representation of resiliency.” But why?

“The beauty of the Cactus can really be captured more from its meaning rather than its physical expression. It’s considered to be uninviting, and unable to show more than its protective prickly cloak. However, it represents Enduring all things, no matter how painful or difficult, protection from danger and threats and finally warmth and care.”

Aragon, I. (December 5th, 2016). The Significance of a Cactus. Retrieved from https://www.theodysseyonline.com

Much like the cactus, different life events and experiences cause people to respond in ways to protect themselves from pain and harm and allow them to keep going. This is the power of human resiliency.  Humans can withstand and bounce back from the most unimaginable circumstances, much like the Cactus endures harsh conditions on a daily basis.

Although these response mechanisms may keep them safe, they often keep others at a distance and prevent people from seeing their true selves.  At Queen City Counseling & Consulting, we are strong believers that no matter the circumstances and life events one has experienced, everyone has and deserves the ability to love, care, and show compassion to both themselves and others.  It is our job to help you access the inner you to find warmth and care.

The Cactus helps remind us of resiliency and ones ability to feel both empowered to stand up and protect ourselves, yet still be able to accept and show love, kindness, and compassion to oneself.

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