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About Us

Queen City Counseling & Consulting provides individual and group mental health services to adolescents and young adults in the Charlotte area. We see clients ages 13 to 27 with a special interest in treating trauma-related disorders.  As a practice, we take pride in supporting the parents of our clients by providing them with skills and knowledge to take an active, supportive role in their child’s treatment and recovery. We strive to make therapy engaging and impactful for all of our clients and incorporate different treatment modalities into therapy including: games, trauma-informed approaches, psychoeducational materials, mindfulness, art and music interventions, and more depending on teens’ and young adults’ unique needs and interests.

What is Trauma?

Trauma is all about perspective. What we define as trauma and how we react to a traumatic experience will differ, but across all healing experiences, one factor remains critical to the process: the therapeutic relationship.

Our Services

Each clinician in this practice brings years of experience with teens and is committed to providing a supportive environment for teens.

We are Queen City Counseling

Licensed Therapists

We are a psychotherapy practice in the South Park area of Charlotte providing individual and group therapy for adolescents and young adults. We have a strong focus on parent support and family involvement with a special interest in trauma focused therapy.  

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